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Easy Hikes, Waterfalls, Fall Foliage & More

As your go-to lodging, dining, and adventure destination in the Maine Highlands, we’ve curated the best hikes near The Lodge at Moosehead Lake, from easy jaunts to challenging wintery treks. There are so many fun things to do in Greenville, Maine!

Our luxurious Lodge is on the south side of the mystical lake, surrounded by forests and native wildlife. More than 10 of the most beautiful hikes in Maine are within an hour of our Lodge. We’ve also listed how long it takes to drive to each of these nearby adventures.

Hikes near Moosehead Lake, Maine

Within 30 minutes of the Lodge are some of our favorite hikes near Moosehead Lake, Maine.

Little Moose Mountain (10 minutes away)

Length: 9.70 miles
Difficulty: Advanced

This loop on Little Moose Mountain passes by a few ponds, which provide nice places to relax and swim.

B-52 Crash Site at Elephant Mountain (20 minutes away)

B52 bomb site memorial

Length: 0.40 miles
Difficulty: Easy 

Learn about the history of the B-52 crash site and how to get there from the Lodge. Due to treacherous roads, however, we recommend a vehicle with 10-ply tires or book the trip with our Maine Guide, who will drive you to the site.

Big Moose Mountain (23 minutes away)

Length: 4.20 miles
Difficulty: Advanced

Just past Little Moose Mountain is Big Moose Mountain. Along this advanced 4-mile round-trip hike, you’ll find an old fire warden cabin where you can stop and snap a picture of Moosehead history.

Mt. Kineo State Park (28 minutes to Rockwood then a Quick Ferry Ride)

Length: 3.4 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

Closer to the northern side of the lake is Mt. Kineo State Park. Venture up the historic fire tower that provides a 360º view of the Moosehead Lake Region.

Waterfall Hikes near Greenville, Maine

Waterfall hikes are the best hikes in Maine because they are simultaneously meditative and invigorating. There are over 20 beautiful waterfalls near Greenville, Maine, but here are some of them…

Big Wilson Falls (35 minutes away)

Length: Right off the Road
Difficulty: Easy

Big Wilson Falls is one of Maine’s famous swimming holes. Several pools (some over 100 feet wide) cradle the 75-foot stretch between the falls.

Little Wilson Falls (39 minutes away)

Length: 2.40 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

Little Wilson Falls is moderately challenging, with a few steep switchbacks, but it’s well worth the effort.

Gulf Hagas Rim Trail (42 minutes away)

Length: 8.20 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

For those up for a full day of hiking and adventure, the Gulf Hagas Rim Trail has many waterfalls and offers a true North Woods experience.

Moxie Falls (55 minutes away)

Length: Under 2 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Moxie Falls is an easy walk with a 90+ foot waterfall! Bring your swimsuit, as there is a deep pool at the bottom of the falls. 

Hiking in Ice Caves

The Debsconeag Ice Caves offer hiking trails, overlooks, pristine lakes and ponds, wildlife, canoeing, kayaking, and mysterious ice caves ready to be explored.

Birding Hikes near Greenville, Maine

Maine birding is an adventure that no one should miss. Moosehead Lake is known for its spectacular woodland and wetland birding habitat and nearby 1,600-acre Audubon Sanctuary.

a sun-lit view of mount kineo on an autumn day by the lake

Spring and summer are the best times for bird watching at Moosehead Lake, offering the most diverse resident and migratory birds. Many birds begin their journey south in autumn, but the lake remains active with partridge, grouse, hawks, osprey, eagles, and more.

Here are some of the best hikes for birdwatching near The Lodge with drive times:

Fall Foliage Hikes near Greenville, Maine

Fall foliage hiking in Greenville, Maine, is deeply rewarding. Our fall colors typically peak during the second week in October but start as early as mid-August. Brilliant reds, purples, yellows, and all shades of brown decorate the lake.

Let’s Go On a Moose Safari!

Late September and early October are the best times of year to spot large bull moose as they exit the deep forest. Go on a four-hour Moosehead Lake moose tour with our Registered Maine Guide, and learn more about all our epic Adventure Packages.

Easy Winter Hikes near Greenville, Maine

With so many great parks and trails near our Lodge, you only need to step out the door (with your burliest winter attire) to embark on a leisurely winter hike in Maine. Additionally, Greenville, Maine, has many other winter activities (from dogsledding to ice fishing to snowmobiling and more).

Advanced Hikes near Greenville, Maine

Enjoy stunning views and challenge yourself physically with the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit. This popular hike takes you to the summit of six Moosehead Lake mountains, including Mount Kineo, Number Four Mountain, Whitecap Mountain, Eagle Rock, Big Moose Mountain, and Borestone Mountain. They offer a Winter Challenge for dedicated winter hikers!

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As you can see, many great hikes are near The Lodge at Moosehead Lake. Get ready for your big adventure with an outstanding breakfast, or enjoy a stroll with delicious eats (charcuterie, champagne & strawberries, picnic baskets, and more).

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