Moxie Falls

Enjoy stunning views of one of Maine’s tallest waterfalls with a visit to Moxie Falls. The iconic New England waterfall has a single vertical drop of nearly 90 feet and is within easy reach of our Moosehead Lake bed and breakfast.

Moxie Falls is located some 26 miles southwest of Moosehead Lake in West Forks, ME. This is just under an hour’s drive from the Lodge at Moosehead Lake. Moxie is one of the state’s most picturesque waterfalls, with a multi-part cascade that includes a single vertical drop of almost 90 feet (27.5 m).

Seeing the falls requires a hike but it’s a relatively easy one, at just under a mile (1.6 km) in length. The trail is accessible all year ’round but the best times to make the trek are between April and October. Winter visits are absolutely possible but will likely require snowshoes. The hike and falls are particularly stunning in autumn when the leaves are changing. Recommended!

Moxie Falls from above

Getting To Moxie Falls

Reaching Moxie Falls from Lodge at Moosehead Lake is a snap.

Simply head south from the Lodge on Lily Bay Road, going towards Greenville, ME.
Reaching Greenville, take a right on Pritham Avenue and follow it through Greenville Junction and over the bridge, taking a left on Depot Street.
Stay on Depot Street, which changes to Dyer Road and then Brocha Road, for the next 17 miles or so (27.4 km), then take a left on Indian Pond Road.
Follow Indian Pond Road for around 1.8 miles (2.9 km), then take a right on Lake Moxie Road.
Follow Moxie Road for another 3.4 miles (5.4 km) until you see the large Moxie Falls Trail parking area on your left.

You’ve made it!

Moxie Falls in autumn

Moxie Falls Trail

The hike to Moxie Falls is an easy one and perfect for kids at just under 2 miles in length, round trip. The trail tends to be heavily trafficked, though, especially on summer weekends between 9am and 4pm.

The trailhead is easy to spot in the middle of the parking area and leads to a wide, clearly marked path. The trail remains reasonably level for most of its length, with a few small hills and bogs along the way. The steepest section is near the end but is still nothing too difficult.

You’ll hear the falls as you approach them, and soon encounter a series of wooden stairs and boardwalks leading over the rugged terrain along Moxie Stream. The boardwalk to the left of the head of the falls leads to viewing platforms providing a variety of views. I hope you brought a camera!

Exploring the falls is great fun but do use caution. A misplaced step at such rocky heights could lead to serious injury, compounded by your remote location.

If you’re visiting the falls in summer, consider bringing a swimsuit or your fishing pole. After tumbling into the large pool below the falls, the waters flow downstream to an excellent swimming and fishing hole. Moxie Stream eventually empties into the Kennebec River Gorge, a major white-water rafting and kayaking destination.

Moxie Falls is great place to enjoy a picnic, do some splashing, catch a fish or two, and generally have a good time in the great outdoors.

When you’re done, head back down the trail, hop in the car, and head back to the Lodge at Moosehead Lake for a rejuvenating dinner!