Our view of Moosehead Lake in autumn

Imagine finding Moosehead Lake in your stocking on Christmas morning. That’s no fantasy but a real possibility with The Lodge At Moosehead Lake gift certificates!

We feel so lucky to be here in our historic Greenville, ME lodge overlooking the always stunning Moosehead Lake. In fact, the only thing we like better is sharing this experience with others.

There’s nowhere quite like Moosehead Lake. An unspoiled wilderness of pristine beauty where the moose outnumber people three to one. If you enjoy, hiking, fishing, boating, birding, golfing, photography, or just pure leisure, Moosehead Lake is the place.

Our historic Greenville, Maine inn was built in 1917 and has been a romantic Moosehead Lake vacation destination ever since. All but one of our nine rooms overlook the lake and feature top-tier amenities like in-room fireplaces and jetted tubs.

The second “B” in “B&B” stands for “breakfast” and ours are beyond delicious, but did you know that we also serve dinner?

The in-house restaurant at The Lodge at Moosehead Lake, 368 Maine Restaurant, recently received the 2023 DiRōNA Restaurant Award of Excellence; one of only three restaurants in Maine to receive such an honor! Take a seat and enjoy an evening of handcrafted cocktails, elevated fine dining, and panoramic views of majestic Moosehead Lake.

Greenville, ME is just 4 minutes down the road with shops, cafes, and attractions like the historic Steamboat Katahdin at the Moosehead Marine Museum. It’s also the place to go for outdoor gear, licenses, rentals, and adventure tours.

The Lodge At Moosehead Lake Gift Certificates

The Lodge at Mooshead Lake gift certificates

The Lodge At Moosehead Lake gift certificates are a great idea for a number of reasons, one of the best being how flexible they are. What do I mean by that?

For one thing, they have no set amount, so you can make them as large (or economical) as you wish.

Secondly, they can be used for almost anything at the inn except for adventure packages. While we may occasionally run a lodging special that excludes gift certificates, everything else is up for grabs. That includes accommodations, elopements, add-ons, even dinner at our 368 Maine Restaurant!

The Lodge At Moosehead Lake gift certificates are emailed or directly to you or to the recipient of the gift certificate. Send them to yourself to hand over in person or have them emailed directly to your recipient with a special note. Your choice!

Finally, our gift certificates never expire. This allows the recipient to use your wonderful gift at their pleasure, rather than feeling rushed to use it or lose it.

Now that’s flexibility!

The Lodge At Moosehead Lake gift certificates are also very easy to purchase. Just follow this link, fill out the form, make your payment, and you’re done: instant Moosehead Lake getaway!

roasting marshmallows at The Lodge at Moosehead Lake

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Lodge at Moosehead Lake!