2024 Solar Eclipse

The April 8th, 2024 total solar eclipse is only two months away and the excitement is building here at The Lodge at Moosehead Lake, where we will have front row seats to this awesome natural event. If you’re planning on being here, now is the time to make those reservations before we’re all booked up!

Partial and total solar eclipses occur far more often than we realize. Even though one occurs about every 18 months or so, they’re only visible to a small slice of the planet. Those not directly under the path of the eclipse may see a partial eclipse or, if farther away, nothing at all. You simply have to be in the right place, at the right time to catch one.

This rarity, coupled with the sheer uniqueness of the event, makes experiencing a solar eclipse a real treat. This is especially true when it is a total eclipse, like the upcoming one on April 8th, 2024.

Total Solar Eclipse – Who Turned Out The Lights?

You really do have to see a total solar eclipse in person to believe it.

Northern Maine and The Lodge at Moosehead Lake are in the path of totality for the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Nothing can prepare you for the most amazing sight when darkness falls upon the land and all that is visible is the sun’s corona.

The Lodge at Moosehead Lake will supply you with eclipse glasses when you stay for two nights with us. Our telescope also has a solar lens for the ultimate experience in eclipse viewing right from our back deck.

2024 Solar Eclipse Over Moosehead Lake

2024 Solar Eclipse path of totality

The eclipse’s path of totality (where the sun is fully covered by the moon) is set to run in a diagonal arc across North America; from Newfoundland, down across the US, and out through Sinaloa, Mexico.

That’s right over Moosehead Lake and Greenville, ME! Even better, we’re set for a relatively long eclipse totality.

Solar eclipse totalities can last anywhere from only 10 seconds to almost 7 and a half minutes long. The April 2024 eclipse totality will last approximately 3 minutes and 10 seconds here in Greenville.

Here at Moosehead Lake, we can expect partial coverage of the sun to begin around 2:20pm, with full coverage at 3:32pm, and everything back to normal by about 4:40pm. The entire spectacle will take around two and a half hours, start to finish.

While most hotels in the area are sold out for eclipse viewing, we still have a few rooms available. Join us beginning on Sunday April 7, 2024 for your two night stay at our Greenville, Maine luxury bed and breakfast. Our back deck overlooking Moosehead Lake is the perfect viewing spot for the estimated 3 minute and 10 second eclipse in our area.

Included in your Eclipse stay weekend are:

  • A 3 course breakfast cooked to order each morning of your stay.
  • Eclipse glasses for safe viewing.
  • A stunning cocktail made especially for this event!

If you are new to following solar eclipses, there are some great online resources for you to explore. The University of Maine has stunning solar eclipse photos showing the sun’s corona. The Great American Eclipse Website has a simulated video of the eclipses path and helpful tips for viewing.

Come join us for a fun filled 2 night stay at our Greenville Maine inn and experience the total solar eclipse. It’s a once in a lifetime event you don’t want to miss!

Whatever your fancy, you’ll want to get a jump on your stay, now before we fill up.