Mt Kineo Golf Course

Looking to get in a little golf during your Moosehead Lake getaway? Great idea! Historic Mt Kineo Golf Course offers 9 holes of scenic and challenging golf, and all just 30 minutes from our Moosehead Lake bed and breakfast, The Lodge at Moosehead Lake.

Hiking, fishing, boating, wild-life spotting … When it comes to activities at Moosehead Lake, golf might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Despite this, the lake is actually home to what is thought to be the second oldest golf course in New England.

The Mt Kineo Golf Course was one of the features of the 1883 Kineo Hotel, aka Mt Kineo House, which was once America’s largest, inland waterfront hotel.

Mt Kineo Golf Course

A Bit of History

The Kineo Hotel/Mt Kineo House took a variety of forms during its 142 year history.

Begun as a small, single-story tavern in 1844, Mt Kineo House slowly evolved and grew along with the region’s fame. Eventually, the humble tavern house become a two-story hotel, which burned to the ground in 1868.

A second, grander Mt Kineo House was built to replace the first, opening in 1871. This second hotel did so well that, by 1882, a major expansion and many improvements were added. Unfortunately, 1882 also saw the hotel destroyed by fire for a second time.

The third incarnation of the Mt Kineo House opened just a couple of years later, in 1883. This version included some 500 rooms and lots of “modern” amenities. Steam heat, hot and cold running water, gas and electric lights, elevators, telegraph, telephones, and more. The grounds featured lots of activities, including tennis, baseball, croquet … and golf.

By the 1930s, however, business was in a steep decline and the hotel had fallen into disrepair. In fact, when the property sold, one of the conditions of the sale was the razing of the main hotel building.

After WWII, yet another incarnation of Mt Kineo House was built. This one had 36 rooms and all the modern amenities. They even redesigned the golf course, taking it to nine-holes. The hotel continued to struggle, however, going through numerous owners and long periods of disuse until it was finally dismantled in 2016.

Today, there is no Mt Kineo Hotel in sight – but you can still play a round of golf!

Mt Kineo Golf Course

Playing the Mt Kineo Golf Course

Historic Mount Kineo Golf Course is a well-maintained, 9-hole course with a par of 36 and 3000+ yards. Players will discover a scenic and challenging course offering an experience they will not soon forget. The 4th hole is considered the most scenic; par 3, 138 yards, over water, to a green at the base of Mount Kineo. Wow!

Play 9 or 18 holes, it’s up to you. Cart and club rentals are available and the club house offers a delightful variety of rejuvenating food and drink. While the club house cafe is open to any and all Mt Kineo visitors, the course is restricted to active players. No walk or ride-alongs are permitted.

A variety of tournaments are held at the course every year. The 2022 schedule includes:
July Fourth Tourney – July 4, 2022 (a 2-person team scramble)
Forrest Whitman Memorial Tourney – August 11, 2022 (a 4-person team scramble)
Labor Day Tourney – September 5, 2022 (a 4-person team scramble)

Mt Kineo Golf Course shuttle

Though the course is not on an island, you have to ride a water shuttle to get there. The crossing only takes 10 to 15 minutes, depending on conditions, but the ride can be excitingly rough.

The shuttle launches from Rockwood Landing in Rockwood, ME on the west shore of Moosehead Lake. This is less than a half hour’s drive from our Maine bed and breakfast, Lodge at Moosehead Lake.

Mount Kineo Golf Course is open seasonally, Memorial Weekend to October 11th. Visit the for more information. Mount Kineo State Park, itself, is open all year round. Learn more on the park website.