Moosehead Lake weather summertime

One of the most common questions our guests ask is about Moosehead Lake weather. What temperatures to expect, whether it is likely to rain or snow, when the lake freezes over, and so on. They’re good questions and we’ll try to answer them as best we can right here.

Actually, the question isn’t so much about annual Moosehead Lake weather as it is “when is the best time to visit?” This is another great question and definitely related to our weather but the answer still depends on what it is you want to do.

Moosehead Lake has two very distinct seasons, activity and visitor-wise. We have our summer guests and our winter guests. Sometimes they’re the same people but, more often than not, you can easily separate them into two groups. So now the question is, which are you?

If your goal is boating, hiking, golfing, touring, viewing waterfalls and so on, you’ll probably want to aim for late June to late August. If, on the other hand, you’re hoping to do some snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing, or attend a sled dog race, you’ll want to get here sometime between January 1st and the end of April.

Moosehead Lake weather autumn

Annual Moosehead Lake Weather Averages

The Greenville, ME area is typically partly cloudy with warm, wet summers and cold, snowy winters. It rarely gets above 75°F (24°C), or below 7°F (-14°C), thankfully!

Our warm season runs from late May to mid-September with average daily highs above 65°F (18.3°C). Our cold season, early December through to mid-March, sees our daily average dip below 33°F (0.5°C). July is our hottest month of the year, averaging a daily high of 75°F (24°C), while January comes in as our coldest with an average daily high of 23°F (-5°C).

Moosehead Lake weather winter

Our wet season runs through the warmer months, early May to late August 23, with June seeing the most rain, an average of 3.8 inches. February, on the other hand, is our driest month, seeing only 0.04 inches of precipitation, on average.

Leaf-peepers after the best of Maine’s fantastic fall color show will typically be best served with a visit sometime between mid-September thru mid-October. And what a show!

Come experience a Maine wilderness vacation at Lodge at Moosehead Lake. We’re here to keep you warm, comfy, help you plan your adventures, and discover all the fun and beauty of Moosehead Lake. We so look forward to sharing the area with you!