Moosehead Lake Snowmobile Rentals and Trails

After the fall foliage peaks and the temperatures begin to drop, it’s only natural for the thoughts of Moosehead Lake residents and visitors alike to turn to snowmobiling. Lodge at Moosehead Lake is now open all year long and conveniently close to both  Moosehead Lake snowmobile rentals and fantastic snowmobiling trails.

There’s nothing quite like winter on Moosehead Lake. We typically see over 100 inches of snowfall each year and the sight of all the frost covered trees around the lake’s icy shore is truly something to behold. And all the activity! You might think a remote area like Moosehead Lake would pretty much shut down once the snow begins flying but oh, no! Much to the contrary. Moosehead Lake is a winter sports paradise with amazing skiing, snowshoeing, and especially ice fishing and snowmobiling.

The snowmobiling in Maine is unbeatable. That’s particularly true here at Moosehead Lake. Not only is this some of the most gorgeous snowmobiling country you’re likely to find, it’s also home to some of Maine’s best snowmobile trails.

You say you didn’t bring your snowmobile and don’t really know the area? That’s not a problem! The region is home to a variety of outfitters, guides, and snowmobile rentals and Lodge at Moosehead Lake’s convenient location has you less than 5 minutes from downtown Greenville, ME.

Mooshead Lake Snowmobile Trails

Moosehead Lake Snowmobile Rentals and Trails

Guests of the Lodge at Moosehead Lake will also discover that they are literally minutes away from hundreds of miles of enviable snowmobile trails. How’s that for convenience?

Groomed and scenic Moose Loop Trail is Maine’s longest snowmobile loop trail, at 166 miles (267 km) in length. The trail circles Moosehead Lake, passing through Greenville, Rockwood, Seboomook, Northeast Carry, and Kokadjo. A number of side and cutoff trails lead to various attractions around the lake like historic Pittston Farm, the B-52 Crash Site, and Mt. Kineo.

The Moose Loop connects with Maine’s Interconnecting Trail System (ITS) for over 300 miles of well marked and groomed snowmobiling trails. Another notable trail in the area is the Route 66 half-loop. This scenic trail is around 55 miles long, looping from Kokadjo to Rockwood to Greenville and back. The wilderness surrounding the lake offers ample off-trail opportunities for those looking to bust some deep powder.

Trail conditions are usually best between January and mid March. View and download this detailed, Maine snowmobile trail map. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with Maine Snowmobile Laws & Registration.

Moosehead Lake Snowmobile Rentals and Guides

Moosehead Lake Snowmobile Rentals and Trails

You say you didn’t bring along your own snowmobile? No problem! The area has a large number of reputable outfitters offering a variety of Moosehead Lake snowmobile rentals. Nearby Greenville and Greenville Junction are home to some of the closest options:

Northwoods Outfitters, (866) 223-1380, 5 Lily Bay Road, Greenville, ME

Moosehead Motorsports, (207) 695-2020, 13 Moosehead Industrial Park, Greenville Junction, ME

Most local outfitters also offer snowmobiling guide services. Are you looking for a trail tour guide or someone who can take you off-trail into the backcountry’s deep powder? Look no further than one of our local snowmobiling guides. Their deep knowledge of the area and variety of tour options will give you the snowmobiling adventure of a lifetime!

Head back to the Lodge at Moosehead Lake after your day’s snowmobiling adventures and warm yourself in front of the lodge fireplace with a drink. Hot chocolate, tea, or perhaps something a little more rejuvenating. You’ll also find a fireplace in your room and many rooms also feature jetted tubs. That’ll take the chill out of your bones tout suite!